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Tiny House Composting Toilets

Different Types of Composting Toilets For Tiny Houses

composting toilets for tiny houses

There are many different toilet sizes and add-ons you can have when you buy your composting toilet, but there's basically two main categories of composting toilet which is called a split system and the other one is called the self-contained system, or it's also referred to as the all-in-one system. Here's a little bit more about the basic types.

Split Systems

When you have a split system composting toilet, this means that the system is split into two different sections. One of the sections is called the pedestal and this is above the floor and then the tank system which is the second part of the unit which is below the floor. the pedestal part of the unit is the seat where you sit down to go to the bathroom and then the tank system is where all the waste produced is stored where it then goes through various composting processes. These toilets are perfect for outhouses, homes, clubhouse areas, parks, sporting clubs, or any other structure that has accessible space under the main floor area. A split system has a large capacity and they are perfect to be installed in areas where people are going to be using the bathroom frequently.

Self Contained Systems

The self-contained system is an all-in-one solution. Both the pedestal and the container are built into one system. These are perfect systems for a home where there's not a lot of space or there's no area downstairs for the tank to go. This sort of system is great for a small home for example, or even a tiny home. Many individuals are now using self-contained composting toilets in small living spaces like motor homes, RVs, Caravans, boats, and single-level structures. if you don't have a lot of space for your toilet system, the self-contained system is ideal.

Both the self-contained in the split system is categorized into batch systems and continuous systems. When there's a continuous system the waste product will go in one end of the system and then the waste compost material will come out of the other end of the system. When a batch system is used, the compost chambers are filled up and then they are changed for an empty chamber, so this means that the composting is done in a batch process.

How the Split System Toilet Works

A composting toilet works by a very simple process, but the entire process is a bit technical for some people to understand. This sort of toilet system is easy to set up and it's quite easy to install. The composting process will introduce different elements such as bacteria, organisms, elements, and various fungi which work in a harmonious basis to reduce the rich waste product which looks like topsoil and has almost the same chemical makeup as topsoil. the pedestal component of the system works pretty much the same way that is standard flush type toilet system works without the actual flushing process.

There's an initial chamber in the system where most of the waste produced is caught. There's a drain system for any excess liquid so it can escape. If there was a composting pile that had a lot of liquid in it this would begin to smell quite quickly, and the helpful mold and important bacteria would be killed off and the breakdown of the waste would not be able to occur. There's a fan in the event that helps the evaporation process of the liquid and it keeps the composting pile at the proper temperature. There's a secondary chamber and this holds the finished waste product. a composting toilet will produce a product of this much like topsoil and it's almost indistinguishable from the actual topsoil.

Batch Composting Toilet

The batch composting toilet is a nice system because it has everything required in one system. This sort of toilet system looks almost exactly like a regular toilet and most people won't even realize that they are using a composting toilet system. The chambers in this sort of system are smaller when compared to the split system and many of the self-contained toilets come with one or more chambers.  These chambers can be switched when one of them becomes full. You can also purchase additional chambers so they can be switched quite frequently if the toilet is going to be used by many individuals over a short period of time. Here’s a small guide to determine the type of composting toilet you should buy. It's easy to narrow down your range of solutions with this handy guide. It's important to get the right toilet system for your needs and the structure where you're going to have the composting toilet.

Various Waterless Composting Toilet Solutions

BioLet BIO15 Waterless Composting Toilet

Meet the original, the BioLet BIO15 Waterless Composting Toilet, the premier solution for the modern compost toilet. This elegant, yet environmentally sound and with a simple design compliments all bathroom styles and includes the latest technology combined with the natural, eco friendly, decomposition process.

Features of Composting Toilets

There are several features of composting toilets that you need to know about. The smaller units which don't have an aerator or heater are more prone to nitrification of the waste, insect infestation, and accumulation of liquid. for this reason, these smaller units need more maintenance then the units that have aheater, aerator fan, and a regular compost bin.

Bowl Closures

These toilets have a bowl closure and a toilet trap this is, so you don't have to look at the sewage that is in the composting toilet. this is for sanitation purposes and to control the odor. all of these toilets can close off the bottom of the toilet bowl from the composting receptacle or the waistline. some of these toilets we'll have a closing mechanism that is automatic, and this will appeal to individuals who don't want to fiddle with unfamiliar controls on their composting toilet.

Are the toilets have a manual valve which will close the bottom of the toilet bowl. one thing to note is that for toilets which have the sort of a manual valve, it means that male individuals that use the sort of toilet that is used to standing up to urinate, we'll have to sit down to urinate.

Composting toilets have a bowl closing design which can look great, but this tends to be quite flimsy, so you might want to avoid toilets that have this feature.

Sewage Treatment

The breakdown of a sewage in your composting toilet will involve the use of microorganisms, mold, bacteria, and the liquid within the toilet will be evaporated via moisture. Some toilet manufacturers May recommend that you use a certain mulching product to aid the breakdown of material within your composting toilet or to provide aid for odor control in your toilet. You should know what types of composting materials your toiler will require before you buy

The interior of a batch system composting toilet may have several changes out composting compartments. When this sort of compartment is filled with the waste material it is then sealed and take a note and this permits the breakdown of the sewage to continue. Once the composting process has finished then the container is emptied and applied to regular soil and then the container is put back into the toilet. You may want one with this feature.

In a continuous composting toilet which is non-batch, the waste material continuously flows into one single container. this compost in procedure reduces waste volume and then after. Of around 6 to 12 months this is removed from the container and at this point, it is fully composted and can be applied to regular soil.

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