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How Does A Composting Toilet Work

How Do Composting Toilets Work?

Most composting toilets are used where there's a limited supply of water or no water supply at all. Many people will use a composting toilet when they want to conserve water use. These systems are often used by people that want to be environmentally friendly and don't want to waste valuable water resources. If you have any other source of water with your composting toilet such as shower water or sink water, this will still require treatment.

Before you buy your toilet, it's important that you understand the maximum use that you're going to be using the toilet for. You may only need one for a few days of use like at a personal cabin, or you may need to be using one all of the time. Some toilets are designed to only be used on a part-time basis as they're not capable of full-term use.

For many people, a composting toilet is a perfect option if you want to live off the grid, have a cabin, Boat, RV, or live in a tiny house. If you live in a place where hooking up to a septic system is not cost effective for the best option,a composting toilet is your ideal choice. These composting toilets allow you to deal with human waste without having to rely on an expensive septic system or the need to be hooked up to the city sewer system.

What is a Composting Toilet?

If you have a tiny house, cabin, boat or other outdoor areas, you might consider getting a composting toilet. This type of toilet system is a self-contained toilet unit. It's not connected to a sewer system or to a septic system. It will break down and then dehydrate human waste into a compost form which you can add to the soil.

The toilet consists the place for you to sit down and looks much like any other toilet that you've used before. Inside this toilet is a composting chamber and this breaks down the sewage and then sanitize is it. There's a tray or a drying chamber that allows the moisture to escape and this reduces the overall sewage volume that the toilet produces.

There are many different models and some of them will use some water or no water at all. There are some models with your power vented, and some that are heated as well as models that don't run on electricity. Other models might have an electromechanical mixer, and this will mix the waste product into a mulch and this speeds up and improve the overall composting process of the toilet.

When these toilets are properly installed and designed well, they are vented so that you don't get odors coming from the toilet. In most cases, you will need to take time periodically to clean the toilet components and you also have to empty the compost that this toilet produces. You can use this toilet same way that you use a regular toilet and many composting toilets look similar to the water-based toilets that we normally use. You'll get the same level of comfort from sitting on this type of toilet as it has the overall same shape. For the composting process to begin, the waste product produced will be mixed with a starter mulch. You'll usually empty the composted waste produced from this toilet at between one to two months time. Some models won't have to be emptied until 12 months have passed. The amount of maintenance and the overall time before you have to empty the toilet is all going to depend on the model you get and the toilet design. To clean the toilet, you need a regular toilet brush and a normal household cleaner. It's important to keep your toilet as clean as possible to ensure that all the parts are functioning well and that there's no buildup of residue or debris. You want to refer to the individual model that you own to determine the exact cleaning method for your composting toilet system.

Main Functions Of A Composting Toilet

There are three main functions of your composting toilet that it needs to go through to process any human waste in a safe and quick manner. The first thing he needs to do is to evaporate the moisture which is created by your natural body processes. In most cases around 90% of the waste material is water and this will evaporate quickly. Some units will feature a urinal system which is waterless, and this allows most of the liquid to skip the main composting chamber and evaporate quickly or this can be removed by a manual method when the system is full.

The toilet also has a vent system which allows any evaporated liquid to get out into the air. some of the modern systems will have a heating element and this will aid the evaporation process and help speed up the toilet. Well, you want most of the liquid waste to be evaporated you don't want the compost to dry out completely. You want to have a healthy and active compost pile and this needs to be the moist just not too wet as this helps the waste produced break down faster. If the waist was left on its own, it would break down eventually, but this process would take a long time and there would be foul odors produced which would make your home or any other place where you have your composting toilet smell like a regular outhouse.  when you have a compost, you need to add material like sawdust, peat mix or another additive.

Additives that you put into the compost posting toilet are referred to as the bulking material. this material helps break down the waste that remains quickly. This material also helps ensure that the product contained within the composting toilet is safe for you to handle.  The bulking material allows for proper aeration in the compost pile. This allows oxygen into the composting pile and it assists the bacteria which break down the solid waste product.

Some individuals that own a composting toilet often add coffee grounds to the system because this works as a great bulking agent and produces a pleasant smell in the composting toilet. The main function of these systems is to create the right environment which promotes an efficient, quick, an easy breakdown of any organic waste produced when you use this toilet system. The modern composting toilets produce compost that is easy and safe for you to handle. once the entire toilet system is full, you'll have to empty it. Some people think that this would be a nasty business, but it's a lot easier to empty a composting toilet then it would be to empty another type of toilet system.

do composting toilets smell bad

Dealing With Composting Toilet Waste

Not everyone likes the idea that they would be handling human waste and they might even get a bit squeamish about this. The best part about this composting toilet system is your just handling a nutrient-rich soil in a safe manner much like some garden compost. There's no sign or even smell that you're actually handling human waste. One thing you'll have to do is to buy a system that is the right size for your individual needs. This will ensure that you won't have to empty the system as much as other systems. For example, some of these advanced systems don't have to be emptied for 12 months so this gives you plenty of time where you don't have to worry about emptying your toilet. Different manufacturers approached composting toilets in several ways which we are going to address.

The system created by companies like Sun Mar makes use of a bio-drum which separates two liquids from the solids and this helps to mix the Vulcan Material into the waste. There's a 3-chamber system when you buy the Sun-Mar brand. this allows the compost that is created to be removed from a drawer and the compost that is not finished will stay in the bio-drum and then this is broken down further.

The toilet systems produced by companies like Nature's Head will use a type of liquid separation before there's any mixing with the compost. The liquids that are produced or drained into a urine bottle which is front mounted on the unit and this is then emptied when it's full. The solid waste that is produced is deposited into a composting chamber and then this is mixed with the bulking material.  during each use and mixing handle is turned and this mixes the bulking material.

The most convenient waterless composting toilet systems are produced by BioLet, which create a great alternative to the traditional type of regular style flush toilets.

BioLet 30NE Waterless Separating Toilet works where it drains off any excess liquids to an auxiliary container, French drain or leach field.

The Basic Composting Toilet Design

The modern composting toilet will use a chamber design. Some of them have three chambers and each of the functions takes place in its own separate chamber. Some units will only have two chambers, while other units have one chamber. In the basic design, the waist will enter the toilet into a chamber that does the composting. In the multi-chambered designs, they will diverge the urine produced into a chamber which evaporates the urine. The waste produced is mixed with the bulking material and these additives are placed into the toilet as a regular composting bin composting mixture in the chamber, it needs to be mixed periodically. When mixing is done more oxygen goes into the chamber and this helps break down the waste product in a more efficient manner. The oxygen that is let into the chamber helps the bacteria that is in the chamber break down the waste into the compost.

With the multi-chamber units, the excess moisture that is produced from the chamber that is doing the composting is diverted into a chamber that does the evaporation through a screen system. When a single chamber design is used the waste is typically sent to another location at to dry out. Most of the multi-chamber composting toilets have a chamber for finishing or there's a finishing drawer and the compost will complete the process of drying and breaking down in this part of the system. This prevents the compost that is going through the breakdown process not to be contaminated with any fresh waste that is coming into the composting toilet system.

Once the composting toilet has gone through the process of breaking down the waste material to dry,the compost that is produced can be removed from the chamber and then used as you require it. These toilet systems make it easier to live off the grid because you avoid wasting your water resources and the waste that you produce can be easily broken down and safely stored. If you don't have a proper waste management system if you live in a cabin, on a boat, or another location you face serious diseases like hepatitis A or dysentery or other health risks. A note ho system is usually poorly maintained, and you are exposed to bacteria such as salmonella or E coli, so a composting toilet is an ideal solution and there's no smell associated with a composting toilet like you get with a regular out hose system.

The compost that is produced by the composting toilet is actually usable and you can use it in your garden, for example, so you're making use out of your human waste. There are several different types of composting toilets that you need to be aware of the two main types are the split system toilet in the self-contained toilet which we're going to address here in the next section on the different types of composting toilets for tiny houses

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