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Compost Toilet Installation Tips

Composting Toilets Installation Tips

It's important to look at the installation requirements for any composting toilet that you consider buying. Some models have to be installed over a composting reservoir while other models don't have to be. Some of the models have a large reservoir that is below your toilet system while others are self-contained and smaller. You have to make note of the toilet space you have if you have a compost in the tank, for example as this takes up more space. It's important to measure everything or talk to a representative to understand your individual needs when it comes to buying a composting toilet. You may need one that has a smaller size if you have less room, so this feature may be ideal for you.


You also have to make a note of the climate are in. In some cases where it is quite cold, there can be freeze damage which occurs to the composter of your composting toilet. In this case, the composter will need to be protected from the elements and this may increase the installation costs of your composting toilet. The area where you install the toilet needs to be safe, easy to get to, and comfortable as you need to empty, clean, and maintain your toilet so you have to make note of where you install the toilet. the size of your toilet system is going to be one of the critical features that you need to look at. Heating and anti-freezing features might be ideal for you in you live in colder climates.

In the room where the toilet is located the temperature usually has to be above 64 degrees F, when you're not using the system. Some models do permit the temperature to drop when the toilet is not being used. When there is a low temperature, the composting usually does not proceed properly. You also need to make note of various models because some of them don't work in any freezing conditions or they can become damaged in a cold condition. These units may require a heat source, so you have to buy the right toilet for the temperature.

Electricity or Not

Some of these composting toilets will require 120-volt electricity, but not all toilets require this. There are some models that will run without the need for electricity or ones that made me run on 12 volts, 240 volts, or be powered by solar. you may need electricity to operate a composting mulcher, vent fan, freeze protection heater, or a liquid pump.  it's important to understand what sorts of power you're going to need with your composting toilet before you buy one.

Regulations and Type of Compost to Use

It's also important to note that you may have to follow guidelines and bylaws with the area you're in when it comes to disposing of the composted material. You need to follow your regular codes when it comes to disposing of the material so check with this with your local officials before you start using the composting material that's been created in your toilet system.


When you clean your toilet, the system does not use bleach like you might use in a regular toilet system. The bleach is going to damage the organisms that are doing the composting and the entire composting process might be stopped. You should also avoid abrasive cleaners as many toilets are made with fiberglass or plastic parts. You should speak to your composting toilet representative to determine the exact cleaning agents you should use with the model you have bought.When you have a composting toilet, you can use ordinary toilet tissue. To avoid clogging of the composter of your toilet, you want to avoid using an excessive tissue. This can also become clogged if you use the wrong bulking agent. it's important to understand what bulking agent you should be using with your composting toilet.

Benefits of Composting Toilets

There are many benefits to composting toilets and one of the most important benefits is the environmental benefits that these toilets provide for you.

Protect Groundwater

The conventional system that treats water uses both a septic system and a sewer system and mixes the human waste with water. the sewer system will transport the raw sewage into bays, oceans, rivers, and the septic system into the groundwater indirectly. in rivers, oceans, and Bays the sewage will cause a proliferation of various aquatic plant life. As this plant life decays and dies off, it removes oxygen from the water and then the habitat dies. If you want to protect the groundwater, it makes sense to use a composting toilet. There's no polluted and contaminated water that is released into our precious water supply. These systems are the perfect solution if you have a concern about our water supply and you want to protect this valuable resource from further contamination by sewage.

Save Some Money Because You Use Less Electricity and Water

Since many composting toilets don't require the use of electricity or water, you're going to be saving a lot of money. Many composting toilets use no water at all whereas a conventional flush toilet might consume over 60,000 liters of water each day. In many municipalities, you have to pay for your water consumption and when you use a composting toilet, you're going to save a lot of money on not only your water bill but your electricity bill.

Helps Recycle Nutrients

For many centuries, we used to recycle human waste into fertilizer. In the second half of the 20th century, we abandoned this principle in favor of our modern septic systems. A regular composting toilet uses bacteria that breaks down our human waste into elements like carbon dioxide and water.  these are just solved in the atmosphere and the residual moisture is evaporated.

The waste that remains is reduced in volume by up to 90%. It's aesthetically, biologically, and chemically similar to regular topsoil. You can then collect this material and use it as regular topsoil, so you don't have to buy topsoil for your garden, plants and other things that you grow around your home as you can use the topsoil created by your composting toilet so you're recycling valuable nutrients.

Easy Composting Toilet System to Install

When you install a regular toilet, you have to hook it up to the existing pipe system or you may have to install a new piping system. In the composting toilet system, this is a self-contained unit and you don't have to hook it up to existing pipe systems. These composting toilets can get quite elaborate and they do need to be installed in the home, they can use it just be put into a room and are functional right away. Many composting toilets are very simple devices and the installation does not take a whole lot of time when you compare it with installing and hooking up a regular toilet system.

Inexpensive Composting Toilet Solutions

These toilet systems are inexpensive when you compare them to other systems. You don't need to connect it to a septic system and you won't have to hire anyone to install it because it's very easy to do.  there's not a lot of additional parts you have to buy to install the system and it saves you money over time because you're not using water.

Compost for Free

This system also gives you a free compost. You're turning your waste product into regular fertilizer that you can use with your garden. If you have something such as a methane generator, you could use this gas for heating or cooking purposes. a composting toilet is a perfect environmentally-friendly solution for your home, cabin, RV, or other small areas where you need a toilet system but doesn't want to be hooked up to any sort of septic system.

No Odor

Most other toilet systems create a lot of odor.  these systems do not create a lot of odor. If you use an outhouse, for example, there's a lot of odor created by the system. You won't have to worry about unpleasant smells when you use the composting toilet. You can use this sort of toilet system in any situation and you don't need any Plumbing experience to install the system.

Composting Toilets FAQ: How To Choose The Best Composting Toilet

Where Will the Toilet System Be Used?

You need to figure out where your toilet is going to be used to determine the best model to meet your needs. You should talk to a representative about the various models, so you can determine the best one for where you're going to be using the toilet. You have to think if the toilets going to be used on a full-time basis, part-time basis, at any other time. Some toilets are not able to handle a lot of use while other ones are perfectly capable of doing this.

How Is It Operated?

The operation of the toilet is going to depend on the person using the toilet. you can go with a semi-automatic model, manually operated toilets, or ones that are fully automatic. Some composting toilets are going to require more attention, cleaning, and removal of the waste material.

Do I need Electricity?

Another question you must ask is if you're going to require electricity. Some composting toilets will need electricity to be present where the toilet is located. Some toilets use ventilating fans or may need to be secure from issues with freezing. You can talk to the representative to determine your exact needs and they can find the best suitable solution for you.

What Space Do I Need?

Many people choose composting toilets because they have limited space. You must find a toilet is going to fit in the space that you have available for the system. These systems still need a little bit of room because you're going to be cleaning them, emptying the components, and otherwise looking after the system. It can't be in too cramped of an area or you won't be able to maintain it effectively. Make note of the space or the toilet is going to be installed so you can pick the best model to suit your space needs.

How Do I Maintain and Clean the System?

You should also understand how you're going to have to maintain and clean your new toilet system. Some toilets need to be emptied only periodically while other ones need to be emptied quite frequently. How the toilet is to be cleaned and emptied, will be determined by the model that you buy.

What Composting Materials Can I Use?

It's also important to understand the various composting materials that you may be used in the toilet. The most common materials are peat moss, sawdust, or materials that are specifically prepared for use in the toilet model. Some people may decide to use wood chips, but this usually isn't a good idea and they can break the toilet or clog it on many models.

What Features Do Composting Toilets Offer?

You should also make note of the features that you want. Some people may want a toilet bowl enclosure and you also need to understand how the bowl, as well as the composter, will be open and shut. You should also understand the overall composting process of your toilet whether it is continuous processing or batch processing.

Is It Legal To Install A Composting Toilet In Your Area?

You also have to understand the various regulations that are in your area. This will have to do with the disposal of the waste material that is produced by your toilet. While the waste material is just compost, in some jurisdictions they may still see this as a waste material, so you have to consult with your jurisdiction to determine how all of this material is to be disposed of or how it can be used as a compost material.

When Are They Most Often Used?

Before you buy, you should determine where the toilet is going to be used and how often. In most cases, they are used in areas where there is a limited water supply or there's no water available at all. They may also be used in buildings or the owner wants to conserve their water supply. You should understand your maximum usage of the toilet and get a proper system that's going to fit your usage needs.

Top Composting Toilet Brands

There are numerous composting toilet manufacturers. This is a brief overview of some of the more common ones.


In 1985 BioLet was introduced introduced into the market as the first fully-automatic composting toilet in the world.  As the global leader in waterless toilet systems, BioLet continues to advance their composting toilets with new features like the automatic liquid sensor and indicator light for emptying to make using and maintaining the BioLet toilets more convenient than ever!


This company sells many different toilet products including the composting toilet. They have numerous toilet products that you can choose from including a unique curved composting toilet that might be the perfect solution for an unusual space in a small home for example or a tiny home.  they have a wide range of different composting toilets to meet all of your needs and it's one company you might want to check out to see what they have to offer.


This company offers toilet products for Marinas, RV use, and other uses. They feature composting toilets that are rugged and built to last for several years. They are able to compete with some of the better composting toilet brands and this might be a company that you would like to check out to see what they have to offer you.

Sun Mar

Hardy Sundberg Founded this company in a 1971 and has been able to stay in step with the competition over many years. Sun Mar has a specialty when it comes to composting toilets. They provide some of the better composting toilets on the current market and they also feature great customer service. They have numerous helpful blogs, instructional videos, and other information to help you get started with your new composting toilet. They are able to stay in touch with their customer base and they have many media outlets and programs to help you understand your new composting toilet. This is definitely a company you should check out as a possible company to work with when you need a composting toilet.

Nature’s Head

This company has a wide range of toilets and they are full of great features. They have easy to use toilet models and keep all of their composting toilets at a reasonable price. They have higher to the composting toilets that don't cost you a large Fortune. One nice feature about this company is they have a five-year warranty on their toilet products. this company stands behind the products that they are selling, and they have one of the most familiar toilet designs on the market. This company along with Sun Mar are perhaps the two biggest composting toilet brands on the market.

Contact Tiny House Supply Shop To Find The Best Composting Toilets

You have a lot to think about when it comes to buying your composting toilet. You have to make note of where you're going to install the toilet system. It's important to get measurements so you understand the size of the toilet that you should be buying.

You also need to know how often you're going to be using your new toilet system as some toilets are only designed for small use while other ones can be used all of the time.

If you have any questions we are happy to help you find the best composting toilet to meet your needs today. If you're interested in composting toilets, we have a wide range of composting toilets solutions to meet all of your needs. Please visit our Product Details page for more information about our offer. You can also call us at (800) 956-1448 or send us an email through our email

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