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Tiny House vs Apartment

July 24, 2018

Tiny House vs Apartment

There are many similarities to Tiny House and Apartment living that would lead one to believe that they are the same.  Such things as cost savings versus traditional housing expenses, but we have decided to highlight some of the differences.  

Tiny House Customization

Apartment:  You are stuck with the appliances that your apartment comes with when you decide to move into it.  Rarely could a renters justify the upgrade of apartment grade appliances to high end features. The apartment complex or landlord is in their best interest to get a lower cost appliance because it directly conflicts with their bottom line.

Tiny House:  With a Tiny House you can certainly find economical high end appliances at a fraction of what they would be for a traditional kitchen.  The ability to get more for less allows you to stretch your budget and get higher end options that would never be found in an apartment rental.

Tiny House vs Landlord

Apartment:  With an Apartment you are going to always have the landlord hovering over you.  They still have access to your home. You have to pay rent. There are neighbors right next door  that you have to deal with. There are many times restrictions on what you can and can’t do because you are a part of the rental community.

Tiny House:  While you may have a loan you don’t have an apartment landlord.  They don’t have keys to your house, they may just old the mortgage.  You can also put your tiny house anywhere you want to go, so you don’t need any neighbors for miles and miles, if you choose.  There are no restrictions on what you do in your home, unlike an apartment complex, so you have more personal freedom as well.

Tiny House Land Ownership

Apartment: With an apartment you will never own the land that the apartment is on.  This is all owned by the landlord who is making a profit off your rent. The landlord can also benefit from possible deductions that come from land ownership, that are unavailable to someone who is renting.

Tiny House:  You can certainly own the land that your tiny house is on.  You not only could own it, you should own it. You can easily build a tiny house on a piece of property for a fraction of the cost of a traditional home.  Having land ownership can allow you to possibly get tax benefits in the form of deductions.

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