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When you decide to live a big life in a small space you immediately have the question, how can I fit all my stuff in such a small space, and you have to start trying to figure it out. You can just get rid of everything to become a hermit, but who wants to sit cross legged for 20 years on a single question on the top of a mountain… Wait that sounds pretty cool… Anyway we hope you can use a little help with some helpful design hacks for the small space of your tiny house or office. The world is your playground, so pick up and go out there you wild traveler.

Small Kitchen Hacks

  • French Press Coffee:Why not get rid of the big coffee maker and go right to living with that strong French press coffee? No need for a plug into electric when you simply use a little elbow grease to press that beautiful coffee into your life.
  • Magnets: Why not use any space that is metal to hang small storage with magnets. This is removable for when you are towing a trailer, but it allows you to have a place to put small things like cooking utensils when you park your Tiny House.
  • Use Hooks: Any ceiling space can be used extremely easily with a simple hook. You can hang everything from pots and pans to things as large as a bike. This will pick that item off of your extremely tight floor usage in a small space.

Small Storage Hacks

  • Stackable Containers: Have individual containers that can neatly be stacked upon one another so that you can use the most space available in a nook or cranny that you are putting the containers.
  • Hanging Basket: Use a hanging basket as a shower caddy to hold all the necessities in a shower or possibly as a storage option hanging on the back of a door.
  • Bench: Any bench can easily be converted into a storage location drawers underneath or a liftable top with a storage within the interior of the bench. Then you can use your design flair with such things as accent pillows.

Small Shelf Hacks

  • Corner Shelves: Any corner can have a shelf placed into it to allow for decorative or other storage. Many times this can allow for a little extra room elsewhere when those items are out of the way.
  • Mounting On The Wall: Take things like foldable chairs and tables and affix them to the walls with mounts. This way they can be stacked out of the way for later. It also looks like an art project. Let's all sit here and look at this modern art masterpiece of a chair on the wall.

Small Wall And Window Hacks

  • Awnings: If you want an easy cover for your windows that can be raised up and down at will, consider some awnings. These can be put up when you want some light or if you are in a traveling tiny house these can be lowered to protect your windows during travel.
  • Curtains: Curtains are not only for the windows anymore. If you don’t have enough room for a wall to be put up (or the finances) you can put up a curtain for privacy. It's extremely cheaper and less intrusive to put a curtain up, then having to build a wall. This is an easy change out for a different design if you want to change it easily later.

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