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How To Design A Tiny House With The Most Space?

First Design Idea:  Love a brand new ladder

The best part of installing a ladder is the extra space opened by not having stairs in your tiny house interior.  Having stairs can take up extremely valuable real estate within the Tiny House and this can be reclaimed with a ladder.  Companies now offer options for detachable ladders that will easily fit various loft configurations. These can be stowed out of the way when not in use or when towing the Tiny House to your next amazing adventure.

Second Design Idea:  Imagine your walls, as a valuable resource.

Imagine your walls in a new light with shelving or hooks.  What would your tiny house designs look like if they have hiding places for furniture or your tables?  Re-imagine that you need lamps on surfaces when lighting can be installed in the walls.  This can open a little extremely valuable counter space.  imagine if you could free up space on the ground of your tiny house.  Dream up a new design for your tiny house clothing storage.

Third Design Idea: Have versatile furniture.

You can find many options for usable storage within common everyday furniture.  Tiny house plans can always reinvent such everyday items such as tables, benches and sofas. This allows you to hide the clutter behind usable parts of your tiny house.  Any way to maximize the usage and not involve taking any more valuable space up.

Fourth Design Idea:  Doors are amazing opportunities.

You can not only use the top of doorways for a shelf if possible, or even a light or other art, you can also re-imagine the actual use of a door.  Many times small house design ideas can use the hollow part of the door to hold something. Any use of space is an asset to re-imagine as an opportunity for design.

Fifth Design Idea:  Shelving covers awkward spaces.

Always look to re-imagine any unworkable space.  View it as an opportunity to build shelving.  You will now be able to store something that can be useful for you.  There is no shortage of tiny house storage hacks and the only limitation is your imagination. It is now an asset that you can dream up of perfect designs that are solely crafted for your tiny house.  Be creative and have fun.


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