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How Mini Split Air Conditioner Works

One of the great advances in technology that has come to the home improvement market has been the mini split air conditioner. You may not be familiar with how these amazing units work and we hoped that we could help shed some light on how these HVAC units work. If you want to find out how easy it is to buy one yourself please head over to our product listings for all the latest and greatest deals on mini  split units for your home, office, tiny house or cabin.

What does it mean that a Mini Split is Ductless?

Ductless means that there is no need for the installation of ducts from the Air Conditioning unit to the interior of your structure. The benefit of ductless is multi faceted. No need for installation and construction of ducts, cheaper because of the easier installation, less space is taken up by the unit, and they are faster to install than a traditional HVAC system. So if you want an easier to install, cheaper and less invasive HVAC solution maybe a Mini Split AC unit is for you.  Also the benefit of a mini unit is that it take some up less space in your location and allows for installation into tiny homes and houses.  

What are the two main parts of a Split Air Conditioner?

First part is a compressor located outside the home and this will attach through pipes to the second part which is an interior air outlet unit. The compressor on the outside of the tiny house, office or cabin is a benefit where it is driver of the whole system to push refrigerant through the piping to either heat or cool the whole property.

How to determine the right ductless mini split air conditioner for you?

Size of the area that needs to be air conditioned. Take a measure of the location and this will be the first determining factor to which model is right for you. Each different model is rated to fit in a certain area and be able to condition appropriately. You don’t want to get a unit that is too small and you won’t have enough heat/cool or on the flip side have a bigger unit than you need an pay for the larger running costs.

Find a qualified HVAC technician to install the unit.

To install these units there will be refrigerant and if you are smart you will hire a qualified technician to install the units. The installer may need to have a refrigerant license that means they have the qualifications to work with the refrigerant.

Mini Split Air Conditioner FAQ’s:

Mini Split Air Conditioner Power Consumption?

We offer units as low as 9,000 BTUs, but also offer models all the way up to 36,000 BTUs.

Mini Split Air Conditioner Price?

Our current models are offered everywhere from $715 to $2,488.

Multi Split Air Conditioner vs Single Mini Split?

The key distinction between Multi Split and Mini Split air conditioners is that a mini split is for one area, while a Multi Split is set up to run in multiple rooms where different temperatures can be set.  The mini split allows for a single temperature setting. 

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